Slumber Party
Frequently Asked Questions

Q : When booking a slumber party, what is included ?

A : All items that are listed in the description and each child gets to keep their sleeping masks

Q : What payment is required ?

A : We require a $50 non refundable deposit to secure your booking, with the remaining balance to be paid either in cash on the day of set up or via direct debit 7 days prior to the party.

Q : Are the teepees waterproof ?

A : No they are not.

Q : How is the Manchester cleaned ?

A : All Manchester are laundered after each hire using sensitive washing liquid.
Mattresses, pillows and decorative pieces are always disinfected and cleaned.

Q : Do I need to supply power ?

A : No all our fairy lights and other decorative lighting are battery operated.

Q : How much space will I need per single teepee ?

A : Each teepee frame is approx 90cm wide
Mattress size  70cm x 1.7m
We can arrange the beds in many configurations to make them fit together in your space. If you are unsure please let us know the space available and we can check out how they will fit.

Q : How large is the Grand slumber Teepee ?

A : The Grand Teepee is 2.4m x 2.4m and 1.9m high.
with a custom made foam mattress to fit
Four guests will fit comfortably, depending on age you can fit more.

Q : How do I book or hire equipment ?

A : Simply send us an email to and we will return your enquiry within 24 hours.

Q : How much space do I need for the Slumber Canopee?

The slumber canopee consists of two end frames with the fabric drapped over the each frame.
each end is 2 metres wide and we can customise the length to fit the space.

Q : How much room is needed for each single slumber teepee including the mattress ?

A : Each teepee will take up 80cm in width and 170cm in length


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